About us

Welcome to TheJukeboxGallery, a division of GEMMProductions, where we take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our jukeboxes. We build every machine to order and can tailor it to your exact specifications – making it as unique as you are. Where other jukeboxes have moved towards mass production, plastic adornments and money saving manufacturing processes, we insist on sticking to the very best techniques and components for our hand built Classic Jukebox range. Internally we utilise the latest technology and Sound Leisure’s revolutionary ’21st Century’ 80 disc CD changing mechanism.

The simplest jukebox mechanism in the world! Every element of a Sound Leisure jukebox is created from the finest traditional materials and because we manufacture each jukebox individually we’re happy to tailor it to meet your exact requirements.

We can add bespoke cabinet veneers and colours, or create logo’s and artwork to your specification.

We love music, and our team of talented artisans at Sound Leisure have spent more than 30 years developing our tribute to them in the shape of our stunning machines. So if you want the very best, don’t rest until you’ve hit play on one of our classic jukeboxes. It’s what great music deserves! For the first time our eclectic client base of music lovers is able to indulge in our pre-catalogued digital music. With our regular updates, your jukebox is never behind the times.

In fact, we’re sure you won’t find a better jukebox anywhere! Here are just a few reasons why:

  • our machines have the look and feel of the classic jukeboxes, from dome to chrome
  • we don’t believe in mass-production – all our jukeboxes are hand-made
  • we only use the best materials, with quality wood and real metal finishes
  • our jukeboxes incorporate the latest technology, including iPod compatibility

A jukebox from us will last a lifetime and be something to be treasured for years. It’s all in the detail…

  • Bubble casings: made from the same material as riot shields, they’re built to last.
  • Castings: made of solid aluminium and copper/nickel and chrome plated, they’re as far from the plastic that other jukebox manufacturers use as a toy guitar is from a Fender Stratocaster.
  • Cabinets: they’re made of one piece of wood, not many pieces joined together. Why? Because it makes them stronger. Is that more difficult? Yes! But we believe quality always comes first.