iPod Dock

iPod dock

Integrate your iPod

There is no denying that the iPod has revolutionised the way we listen to music. The ability to have 1000’s of tracks at your fingertips is an amazing feat of technology and as such the iPod is now an essential piece of kit for any music lover. So much so that we now offer an integrated iPod docking station neatly housed into the front of our jukeboxes.

The idock is wired into the amplifier so that it will offer the same sound quality as that of the CD changer and what’s more, when you select a CD the iPod will fade out, play the CD and then fade back in again. An iremote is also included so you can skip tracks or alter the volume from the comfort of your armchair. So now with an 80-disc CD system as well as iPod integration your jukebox really does have the potential to be the master of all sound systems!

Price for iDock: AED 1,475