GEMM’s LED Diamond Pack

LED Lights Jukebox

Get “Retro Bling” with GEMM’s LED Diamond Pack lighting option


Make a dramatic impact with the ‘Diamond Pack’ lighting option. Instead of the regular traditional lighting bars and coloured pilaster rotisseries, we pack the dome and side diffusers with the latest combination Red, Green and Blue LED technology!

Specially designed in-house this system is low heat, low watt and SUPER BRIGHT! The RGB lighting system allows almost any colour of light you like and what’s more, you can control it to suit your environment or mood. Use the jukebox remote to stop the lighting on any colour you choose as it cross-fades between infinite shades or set the lighting to move seamlessly between various colour changing patterns.
Default lighting patterns include…

This rotates the colour scheme up the side pilasters replicating the original rotisseries found in original 1940’s machines. A classic look.
This gives a crystal style glow in blues, pinks and soft greens, then dives to deep reds and purples before softening out again. Simple yet dramatic, a more modern feel and a sample of the Diamond experience.
Sound to light sequencing offering a vivid display of all colours as they flash in beat with the music. Great for parties.

Available to order on new machines, the ‘Diamond Pack’ is simply stunning and has to be seen to be appreciated.
Price for Diamond Pack: AED 3,595